POLITICS: Flatbush Brooklyn Feels the BERN!

Bern Baby Bern, Feel the Bern, BerNY2016 – A Future To Believe In…

These are just a few of the slogans and chants seen and heard at the Bernie Sanders rally held this past Sunday in Prospect Park in Flatbush, Brooklyn.  Look At Flatbush was there to photograph and observe this historic event that took place in our very own backyard.

Welcome to a political revolution…

Bernie Sanders shouted to an estimated crowd of over 20.000.00  cheering supporters in Prospect Park, at one of his largest campaign rallies to date. Minutes before introducing the Presidential candidate to the overall young crowd, actor Danny DaVito revved them up with these words spoken like a New Yorker… “You know why we are here… because we feel the Bernnnnnn”   “I am happy to be here today to introduce the man that is beholden to no one except the people!  “We are here for our hometown boy, Brooklyn New York.   While the crowd chanted Bernie Bernie Bernie, Sanders entered the stage in front of a sea of his supporters.   He started his speech in typical Bernie style with humor.  “In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of people here this afternoon. Thank you all very much”!  After thanking the event organizers, politicians and community supporters, he shouted to the crowd, “Welcome to the political revolution”… which got them roaring and cheering even louder with their blue Bernie signs waving high against the even bluer sky.

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