Meet Courtney Mooney, the Photographer Lunasolo from PLG

Souls of Lefferts— “Seeks to preserve voice and identity of those in our community– to share individual and collective stories; for all, the work is a call to learn from each other, and love the humanity of one another.  All community members are invited for a portrait and to share their Soul.  All Souls are welcomed to share, All Souls are asked to listen.  All are invited to learn more about our individual and collective identity, as PLG.  In saluting each other, we learn to know and love ourselves; the Souls of Lefferts, is asking for that salutation”.

Meet Courtney Mooney, the photographer name Lunasolo who aims to capture both her own “voice” as a photographer and her eagerness to be in dialogue with the world; she hopes it acknowledges in part that the art, the work, the process and product is not hers alone; rather, it is always an interaction, a representation of contact between herself and her world.  “Through the camera lens, she sees more of the human behind the lens, and more of the human in herself.”  As a photographer, she is interested in documenting the urban landscape and the complex human stories of those caught up in the throes of change.  She is a community photographer, taking from street photography and street portraiture.  She wants all humans to be seen and represented in this space.  She hopes the community members she’s photographed meet each other through the public sharing of the art in public spaces throughout the community.

Courtney is now working with Deborah Mutnick, a professor of English at LIU who has lived in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens from 1992.  Deborah is now teaching a Documentary Writing class titled, Souls of Lefferts, where MFA students from the area and surrounding area’s will assist in conducting oral histories of residents of our community in hopes of putting a collection of human testimonies together that will be paired with the portraiture and disseminated through out the community.

On June 17th, Courtney will be showing images from her Souls of Lefferts photo series at the I.M. Pastry Studio located @ 1131 Nostrand Ave.    On June 16th thru July 16th, 2016 Courtney will be exhibiting her photographic portraits of fathers with their children in celebration and support of the men in her community in honor of  Father’s Day @ The House of Juice located @ 642 Rogers Ave.   Both shows will be in the Flatbush/Prospect -Lefferts Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn.  For more information contact, Courtney Mooney via email…










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