Community At It’s Best @The Third Annual Pop Up Dinner in Prospect Park Brooklyn

On Saturday, June 11th the Pop Up Dinner Brooklyn 2016 Presented by the Netflix original docu-series “Chef’s Table” and hosted by Hand Made Events and the Prospect Park Alliance, started with anticipation on a couple of fronts.  First there was the dodgy weather forecast that predicted severe thunderstorms throughout the day threatening to postpone the event. The second expected anticipation was where in Prospect Park the Pop Up dinner would actually take place.  As promised, at 3 o’clock we receive our email revealing the secret location…

It’s On Tonight! Location Reveal! Pop Up Dinner Brooklyn 2016.  A benefit for the Prospect Park Alliance will take place in the Nethermead in Prospect Park!

Armed with a map directing us to the secret location, we enter the park from Lincoln Road were we joined a steady stream of people dressed in all white walking into the park through the tunnel, over the bridge, and past the boat house.  As we start to hear the music we realize that we’re getting closer… Through the trees on the final bend along the path we see an expanse of the approximate 6,000 guest shimmering under the bright sunlight all dressed in white with no sign of rain…

Approaching the enormous dining area you saw a beautiful diversity of people, showing the greatness of New York, and Brooklyn.  People were dressed in different tones of white–some wore vintage some contemporary and others were simply extravagant!  The multitude of colorful table designs, flowers, decorations place settings, and textures were on full display.  People went all out to make their tables stand out.  The table themes were too many to mention as was the variety of foods.  It was simply an evening of elegance!  As simply put by Joanne, one of the event goers, “This is when you really have community at its best because everybody gets together and sits together but they have their own place.  Yet, I love what he’s doing, what you’re doing, what our table is doing.  This is very Brooklyn and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”

Senator Chuck Schumer and Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver both made an appearance greeting the crowd and welcoming them to the event.  As part of the activities, Chole Wine Collection, the official wine sponsor, provided a photo booth with a neighboring wine bar.  Netflix provided a adorable mini outdoor theater with silver leather stools placed in front of a big screen with the Chef’s Table show streaming for viewers to enjoy.  Adjacent to the theater, they also had a photo booth with fun food and cooking theme props for event goers to pose with during their picture sessions.

Throughout the event there was a fun backdrop of music with a special surprise performance by Brooklyn’s own, rapper Taleb Kweili who received a rousing welcome from the crowd. The dancing continued until the end of the evening with music played by Dj Op.  In talking to attendees they were unanimous in saying how much fun they had and look forward to attending next year!

















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