AUDIO + VIDEO: In A Trance @The Owl Music Parlor

If you are looking for the unexpected when it comes to music then you need to checkout The Owl Music Parlor.  They have been open since February 2016 although they had a soft opening midway through 2015 before there was even a sign to let anyone know they were there.

The Owl Music Parlor located at 497 Rogers Avenue in Flatbush Brooklyn presents world class music in an intimate backroom setting.  At the front as you walk in there is a bar that serves beer, wine and spirits.  Choosing not to go with two much of the glitz and glamour; the Owl is all about the music.  The musicians that play are selected by Oren Bloedow, Jennifer Charles and Lance Walker who themselves are musicians.  The music presented is innovative, avant-garde, contemporary,  experimental, jazz, traditional and international.

On the night we visited, renowned Maalem Hassan Ben Jaafer with Amino Belyamani & Samir Langus sang and played traditional Gnawa music from Morocco known for healing and meditation through trance.  Jaafer played his gimbri, a three stringed rectangular lute-like base instrument from Morocco, while his Innov Gnawa band mates applied the continous trance rhythms with large metal percussive castanets also know as Krakebs.

In the first audio, Band member Amino Belyamani  gave a brief history about the origin of Gnawa music; describing how it was influenced by African’s during the slave trade.  It is the blues he said, the songs are about loss.  In the second audio master Maalem Hassan Ben Jaafer was gracious in granting Look At Flatbush a brief interview in his native language translated for us by Amino.  To learn more about where Innov Gnawa will be performing visit

@The Owl tonight, June 16, 2016, Hubby Jenkins, Ilusha Tsinadze, and Julia Patinella will be performing.  Doors open @8:00pm visit







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