VIDEO: Winston The Horn-Smith, Not Winston The Washing Machine Man

By Albert Trotman | Trotfilms

In a storefront on the corner of Rogers Avenue and Fenimore Street in Flatbush, Brooklyn, is an artist who calls himself Winston the Horn Smith.  For the past 40 years, Winston has been known in the community as Winston the Washing Machine Man, repairing washing machines and other household appliances.  Outside of his storefront there is a graveyard of old machines, refrigerators and stoves.  In between servicing appliances, Winston has been honing his skill as a horn-smith.   Horn-smithing is the art of re-purposing animal horns as vessels and instruments to project sound.  Winston does his thing a little bit different.  His horn-smithing takes the horns and creates whales, boats and in particular birds of all types.  His unique decorative art objects have become popular in the Flatbush community and beyond.  You can catch Winston the Horn-smith in Park Slope at the 7th Avenue Flea market on weekends during the Spring and Summer months or by appointment when he’s at work in his storefront, no regular hours apply.  You can reach him at 718-778-1111


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