Komeeda Chef Showdown V on BKLYN Commons Roofdeck

By Albert Trotman (Trotfilms) + Monica Prestia (Stefani Style Inc.)

It was the first night of the Autumnal Equinox 2016 and the weather for the evening was absolutely beautiful with clear skies, perfect for a rooftop event under the clock tower of the iconic Bond Bakery.  The building is now the home of Brooklyn Commons located at 495 Flatbush Avenue in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.  A beautifully designed co-working space conceived to provide entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers alike with a range of flexible workspace solutions.


Everyone was there for a cooking contest billed as The Komeeda Chef Showdown V, a community initiative by Komeeda, founded by Jabber Vaan Al-Bihanito, as a way to empower ambitious self-made chefs to showcase their culinary skills to the kommunity. Three chefs, Alexander Magloire II, Dania Robley-Lehi and Elijah Dalager battled each other for the evenings first place win.

Arriving on the rooftop people were already mingling and enjoying beer and wine while the chefs and their assistants were busily preparing samples for tasting. Each chef created two bite-sized culinary creations to impress the guests with their cooking skills. The job of the audience was to taste, critique and judge each bite based on creativity, presentation and taste. The winner would then be crowned the Showdown Champion at Bklyn Commons!

Armed with ballot cards we all got busy going back and forward between tables tasting the food while talking with the chefs and each other.  There were veggie tartlets, peach beef stackers, kobocha squash crepes, short rib tacos, chicken liver croquettes and a sweet pea mouse.  This is just an abbreviated description of all of these creations.  Everything was delicious.

Then came the time for the winner to be announced.  After tallying the votes Jabber Vaan Al-Bihani once again greets everyone and thanks the chefs for their participation, and of course Brooklyn Commons for making the space available.  Jabber then announced the winner as being chef Alexander Magloire II, who in a shy kind of way accepted the honor to loud cheers from everyone.  The handful of guests that I spoke to all said they thought the event was a great success and would defiantly attend again.

About the Chefs:

Chef Alexander Maggiore II, winner of the Komeeda Chef Showdown V

Alexander Magloire II

Always having the knack for cooking, Chef Magloire started his culinary career at a fast food restaurant at his family’s disapproval. With a few hiccups to start his career, he enlisted in the Navy to get himself into the career path of his dream, the culinary arts. Chef Magloire continued his passion within the Navy, and after completing his service, this veteran has been cookin’ it up for hotels, restaurants, and made his way as a participant on the Food Network show Chopped.

Dania Robley-Lehi

A Teacher, a fashionista, a real estate agent, & a chef. Chef Robely-Lehi is a woman of many skills and is taking her culinary skills to new levels! From hosting pop-up dinners, to catering large parties, Dania is excited to feature her work to a large crowd of critical foodies. The Chef Showdown is her first and most certainly not her last competitive cooking platform, and she’s super excited to hook up the Kommunity.

Elijah Dalager

Elijah has been immersed in the culinary world since he was a toddler. With his fondest memory of standing on the dinner table of his grandparents’ 50th anniversary and eating away, Chef Dalager has been at work perfecting his craft ever since. With 18 years of cooking experience, Elijah is looking to bring his skills to the competition and wow the Kommunity with some of his elaborate creations.

Komeeda is an easy way to discover unique gastronomic events, taste exciting new foods, and interact with other interesting guests, in addition to the passionate chefs who want to share their stories. We had a wonderful time at this gathering and look forward to the next one.

Congratulations to Chef Alex Magliore on the win – He prepared a delectable Short Rib Taco, with Radish, cilantro, mole, red chile, fruit pico + Savory Kabocha Crepe with Ginger, Herb Salad, pomegranate & Thai Chili.


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