DANCE REVIEW: Yoann Bourgeois: MINUIT Presented by BAM + Theatre de la Ville (Paris, France)

A Dance Review by,  Johanna Vermeer for Look At Flatbush


Directed by Yoann Bourgeois


Laure Brisa, Marie Fonte and Jörg Müller

Music by Laure Brisa and Philip Glass

Text by Xavier Durringer

Sound design: Antoine Garry

Light design: Jérémie Cusenier

Presented by BAM and Theatre de la Ville (Paris, France)

Seen at BAM Fisher on October 6, 2016 as part of the NEXT WAVE Festival

Honey where are you?  So begins the theater production Minuit.

Harpist (Laure Brisa) starts with building a sound scape of overlaying and repeating musical phrases, setting the tone and structure for a series of theatrical vignettes in a circus-like environment.

Four separate acts are interwoven with a man and his microphone who either wants to announce or tell us something, but is constantly interrupted by various malfunctions and physical obstacles and balancing acts.

The four acts all create moments of suspension and involve:

a large machine that looks like a huge catapult ready to attack the castle (but instead is a weight/counterweight and lets Marie Fonte fly through the air with the greatest of ease),

a set of metal bars hanging on long cables which are deftly manipulated and played like a chime by Jörg Müller,

a set of table and chairs that disintegrate during a domestic dispute, in a sharply choreographed duet between Yoann Bourgeois and Marie Fonte,

and last but not least an incredible trampoline act by Bourgeois, using an adjoining set of steps and creating the most beautiful and moving moment of this evening’s performance. With music by Philip Glass played live on the harp by Brisa, the quality of movement by Bourgeois, the timing and the simple but so effective choreography create  a visual splendor of stop motion, not unlike looking at a Muybridge photograph or the rewinding of a movie scene.

This last act brought the whole performance in balance and was followed by an epilogue about a man who leaves just before getting married, setting in motion a range of outrageous unfortunate events.

So honey, where are you?  Somewhere suspended in time and space.

Premiers in Paris, June 6 – 15th, 2017  @ Théâtre de la Ville. Tickets

Cover Photo Credit:  BAM Fisher

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