Lefferts Community Acupuncture In Flatbush

By Courtney Mooney | Souls of Lefferts

I first reached out to Leo Bierman when I was tangled up in the throes of New York City life.  Even when I needed it more than anything else, I made up excuses–work, cost, time–all the reasons that kept me back from a choice of something new.  I never attended that first initial appointment with Leo, but he always assured me, it was going to happen.

On Wednesday, July 13, 2016, Leo and his business partner, Taganyahu Swaby, opened the Lefferts Community Acupuncture center right here in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Their mission is to offer “affordable, accessible acupuncture” to everybody; especially to those who are not used to alternative forms of healing.  As Tagan articulates, Lefferts Community Acupuncture at Minka Brooklyn is a group of mixed race, mixed income practitioners committed to providing effective, affordable, accessible complementary healthcare to the neighborhood of Flatbush.  They offer regular acupuncture services, auricular acupuncture (NADA) a type of acupuncture that addresses those with stress, addiction, and trauma, as well as Qigong, which focuses on, “mental exercises and breath work”, at a sliding scale cost.

In an interview they stated, “I think it’s going to be an experiment on how to make it real to people, how to listen to what the people in this community express their needs to be, and how to respond to that. “Basically, something that people can come to without too much out of their pocket, without any effort, that would make them feel more empowered, more nourished, more life force, more happiness, less pain, less struggle– a place where people can come to treat their injuries, we want to listen to the needs of the Flatbush community”.  Taganyahu added, “It is important that people feel included— “What we want to do is hold space for this community”

Taganyahu Swaby was born in Jamaica and raised in the Martial arts. He works with at risk and incarcerated youth and his work is committed to healing trauma and self-empowerment. He received his Masters of Science degree in Acupuncture at the Tri State College of Acupuncture. He has trained Qi Gong & meditation for over 7 years and is committed to sharing this art with others so they can self regulate and cultivate self-awareness. His current focus at Community Acupuncture is on addiction, trauma, mental health issues, stress management & ADHD through the NADA protocol, an auricular acudetox treatment that is non-diagnostic & treats a wide range of mental health issues.

Leo Bierman A Flatbush native, Leo is committed to making acupuncture accessible and affordable, so that it can help people to live their everyday lives with greater happiness and health. Leo is a nationally board certified, New York state licensed acupuncturist. He received his Master’s of Science in Acupuncture with honors at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture. He has studied many styles of acupuncture, including both traditional and modern Japanese and Chinese traditions, trigger point therapy, and many other styles. His practice is also deeply informed by his study of Medical Qigong, which focuses on balancing the body, mind, and spirit, through meditation and movement-based practices. Leo is also an ordained interfaith minister, through the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, where he was trained to help address the spiritual challenges of people from diverse spiritual traditions, including those who do not subscribe to any particular path. He currently treats patients in community clinics around the city, and has a private practice in Prospect Lefferts.

Lefferts Community Acupuncture has services @ 1120 Washington Ave, Brooklyn most days of the week, and it’s cheap!

PHOTOS: Diane Allford - VIDEO: Trotfilms

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