MENTION: Eric Davis Signs, the Artist!

I met Eric Davis as he was adding the finishing touches to a painting on Rogers Avenue.  I stopped to ask why he was in the middle of the sidewalk working on it.  He told me whenever he is painting a new sign for a store or business he also works on a new painting during his lunch break, his way of attracting attention to his art and business as a sign painter.  He also enjoys the reaction from people when they see him with his paintings.

When asked what is his inspiration he tells me with excitement that “it is the graphics, when you look around you it is everywhere and that’s what I make my living from”.

The piece he was working on is called “Concept of Colors”, part of his experimental series of abstract oil paintings.  He said all of his work is about love, people, joy and happiness.  Eric has plans to create some new pieces in Harlem, he says although his work is for everyone, he wants to work among the many artists that are in Harlem.

Flatbush Brooklyn has been his home since coming to New York in the early 1970’s from Kingston, Jamaica.  He has studied art at Jamaica School of Arts, Pratt Institute and the Art Student League.

The next time you see a man painting in the middle of the sidewalk in Flatbush and Prospect Lefferts Gardens it might just be Eric!

For commissions + business inquiries contact Eric Davis via email at:

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