Ending New York Fashion Week with Trendy Tripping’s Fashion Round Table @BKLYN Commons

This past Friday, Trendy Tripping presented a talk and networking event, “The Fashion Round Table” with guests Ricky Davy, Founder and Director of Fashion Week Brooklyn, and Berny Martin, Founder of Catou +  Midwest Fashion Week. The event was moderated by Romel Brewster of (Hesquare) and Founder of Designers Associated at Bklyn Commons.

The two men spoke about their experiences in the fashion world as designers, curators and businessmen.  The intimate gathering of 40 or so entrepreneurs addressed questions about ways to develop and expand their fashion brands.  The panelists emphasized among other things that fashion is a collaborative effort among designers and their peers, especially if funds are in short supply.  Berny talked about the importance of doing good business and understanding the finance side of fashion.  Ricky advised that designers, should own the patterns on their fabric, meaning there is a need for total originality. “Buying ready-made fabric means you are using someone else’s fabrics in your designs.  You should consider having a textile designer work with you to develop your own fabric and patterns,” he said.
Photographer Micheal Praise of Mikosky Tech, Abigail Moreira of Munstruck company, Romel Brewster of (Hesquare) and Founder of Designers Associated and Margeret Persaud of Gamakache Black.
 The rest of the talk touched on things such as where fashion is going for black designers, recognizing that inspiration comes from many places and diverse peoples. There was also a mention of the need to remember the work of designers of the past such as Willi Smith who paved the way for black designers.
The Fashion Round Table is the official launch of the Trendy Tripping Founders + Entrepreneurs networking events, a new series of monthly themed events produced by Johanne Brierre, owner of Trendy Tripping, a company that help local entrepreneurs find unused local spaces across Brooklyn for their businesses.
Each month, Joanne and her team will put together a small community of 20 founders to network, swap information, co-create and collaborate as they build on community to help each other with their personal brands and take them to the next level.  In March, Trendy Tripping will host a networking event for 20 women business owners.  April will be an Investor Month event.
For more info, visit Trendytripping.com


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